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Event of the week
Wreck Pajo, Čiovo
Wreck of fishing boat Pajo on southern side of Island Čiovo is atractive  diving location on whom beside conture of beautiful grassy wreck of fishing boat you can see rich underwater vegetation and life of southern side of Čiovo island.
Press releases
Underwater video from Resnik
Extremely interesting video of life on the sea floor, in the Kaštela Bay, near the tourist resort Resnik, arrived to address the Portal and sent to us by the author Hrvoje Paštar.
From his personal experience and the experiences of other divers in this area, Hrvoje sent us video and a short message to this video evidence that the coast Kaštela very clean and full of life.

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Dive Facts
Plan your dive and dive your plan
You will hear this in your training (or you should) and you should follow this advice. Prior to going under, you and your buddy should know the max depth you will go, the amount of bottom time you'll have and how much air you will start to ascend with. Check your air supplyoften. You should also agree on the hand signals you will use to communicate underwater.
Thx guys for just awesome dive experience! Double dive was great, boat just rocks with speed and comfort, but the best was very professional and fun crew. The best dive of whole summer!!!
Gerhard Berger
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