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About us

Diving Center Venus is located at hotel Resnik , one kilometer from the airport Split . The center was founded by Ivica Žižak , owner of trades Venus , 2002nd year , and the center provides services to Split , Kastela , Trogir and the surrounding area. It spreads over 100 square meters close to the beach next to the hotel's cafe - bar " Fjaka " and is open all year .

Hotel Resnik was built on the site of the old Roman town Siculi which had its own port in the region Resnik . The inhabitants were Roman soldiers veterans , who settled the Roman Emperor Claudius ( 44th-54th AD ) . Before the Roman phase , the settlement had and his older , Hellenistic phase. Next to the hotel beach evidences are found of Neanderthal life in this area at 2-3 m depth which makes this area very valuable archaeological site. 

In front of the hotel stretches a large pebble beach hotel and diving from shore is possible to see the remains of the harbor and plenty of remnants of pottery that testify to past life in this area.

Venus Diving Center functions as a "PADI resort" and "Aqua Lung Partner Center" and has authorized service center for Aqua Lung , Apeks , Mares and Seac Sub diving equipment. The center has a compressor station with Bauer compressor and bottles of 10 , 12 and 15 liter. There is the admissions office / reception area , equipped with all the equipment for teaching classes. WiFi is available for everyone. We also have  warehouse equipment , toilet and shower area in front of the center for washing equipment . Our ships will take you safely and comfortably to diving locations at speeds of up to 25 knots. Ships are equipped with specialized ladder and platform for easy entry and exit from the water.

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The center specializes in providing services to recreational divers and beginners with organizing diving courses by PADI association for all diving categories. 
The experience of our instructors , dive masters and other staff ensures a pleasant, fun and safe environment where everyone can explore their horizons and reach their potential. Everyone will find something for themselves , experienced divers and those who want their first experience to experience with us.

Preservation of underwater attractive locations is very important to us as well as the love for the variety of plants and animal species and that love we are trying to transfer to all our divers . Our philosophy is that we borrowed this environment from our kids. So we strive to preserver sea beauties for those who come after us .
Our diving center has launched many campaigns for cleaning sea and will be happy to respond to future to similar actions , and to contribute for a better planet.

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